Winfried Sobottka to UNITED ANARCHISTS: DDoS against

Ladies and Gents!

Only a few weeks ago there were heavy DDoS-attacks against, the online-platform of a big German newspaper. Obviously the attackers weren’t Anarchists: The „Sueddeutsche Zeitung“ is the best German newspaper at this time, it is unmasking a horrible crime of German State for months, called the „Mollath Affair“. But who could try to fight a newspaper that is fighting against crimes of German State? Who, if not the criminales of German State and their supporters?

Since Yesterday the Danish hoster is a victim of DDoS-attacks. The suspicion stands to reason that criminales of German State and their supporters have their dirty fingers in it:

German Hosters as 1 & 1 and Strato are humble servants to the criminales of German State and Society – they kill all contents those criminales don’t like….

So German critics don’t use 1 & 1 or Strato – they make contracts with hosters in other countries, for instance with…..

Attacks against are attacks against freedom of information and democracy, and it looks as if DDoS-attacks have become a mean of German criminales in State and Society to fight down freedom of information and democarcy in internet.

I really don’t know what the Internet-Specialists of UNITED ANARCHISTS could do against that, but I am really sure that German criminales of State and Society should learn not to attack sites which are important for freedom of information and democracy in internet…

Never forget that You are the mightiest free force in internet, never forget that only freedom and democracy can make life worth living!

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, German Anarchist

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